a7x, a9 PDAF stripe noise technical analysis, part deux

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Antisthenes Regular Member • Posts: 295
Indeed, we have a "half" OLPF

I've redone the tests, but with a circular polarizing filter mounted on the lens this time.

The aliasing and color moiré is now visibly stronger on the test charts on the right, which are those consisting of horizontal stripes.

This indeed indicates that the AA filtering is done along one direction only.

So, the 24MP Leica full-frame cameras are typically OLPF-less, and the 24MP Sony A7* cameras probably have "one half" of an OLPF, whose effect can be cancelled, if needed, by mounting a properly oriented linear polarizing filter on the lens.

For landscape photographers trying to wring out the last ounce of detail from their 24MP cameras, this tidbit might be of some useĀ 

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