35mm 1.4 ZA Lens vs. Sigma 1.4 Art Lens

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Re: 35mm 1.4 ZA Lens vs. Sigma 1.4 Art Lens

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Have you looked at the Samyang/Rokinon 35mm f/1.4? It's even cheaper than the Sigma...

Agree with this -- check out the Sa/Ro 35/1.4. I tested one against the Sony and thought it was a very nice lens. That copy was a touch warmer than Sony. It had slightly less reliable autofocus in low light than the Sony, but the difference wasn't major. A little noise from AF motor, but outside of a very quiet room, I never heard it. IMO, $700 U.S. is a great deal for it.

I haven't strayed outside the Sony first party lens ecosystem and have in the past heard of suspect build quality and other drawbacks of Samyang and Rokinon lenses. And they don't seem to have many reliable reviews on B&H or Amazon.

How much of a compromise on AF performance would you suggest these have?

A very minimal compromise. I was really trying to find one, and low light AF hit rate was it, but it was close - maybe 3 misses out of 40 vs 1 out of 40 on Sony. Something like that.

Honestly, if I hadn't found a good deal on a good copy of the Sony, I would have kept the Rokinon and not thought twice about it. I really enjoyed shooting with it, and when I first shot with it, I thought I'd be keeping it. But then I found the Sony, and given that 35mm is my favorite focal length, I decided the price gap was close enough that I went with the Sony.

I would suggest buying from a place where you can easily return, just in case of an issue. I like Amazon and Adorama because they make it easy to return imperfect gear. I would expect you'd get a good copy, and I expect you'll really enjoy shooting with it.

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