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Re: Agree Sony FF + M43 (travel/telephoto) = death of the need for APS-C

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Agree 100%. I too think of M43 + FF as an ideal combo. M43 for traveling and taking advantage of its Telephoto advantage with its 2x crop sensor; then a FF camera with Wide Angle lens, where FF has the advantage of producing thin DOF bokeh even @the wide angle (something M43 can't do without resorting to using fast Telephoto prime)

1. "I too think of M43 + FF as an ideal combo." Some time back there was speculation that SONY would buy up Olympus then offer both ends of the current sensor size spectrum. It would still make sense from a business standpoint.

2. "I think where the Danger of Conflict is in Expensive Big Camera Body (Gh5, Gh5s, G9), where its going up against Sony A7-III with a quarter size sensor with a much bigger body." Yes, and that's why there is reason for M43 to emphasise its (potential) size advantage. To do this means innovation in smaller lenses of optimum quality.

The Alliance of Sony + Olympus is still intact and inevitable. Sony doesn't like Panasonic much and vice versa. FF Mirrorless will become the New Standard to how camera are judge very soon. Once Canon + Nikon FF mirrorless are release, along with plethora of new Sigma + Tamron + Tokina Full Frame mirrorless lens release in 2018, the age of FF Mirrorless is here (whether you want it or now)

Ironically, I believe M43 can not only Benefit but Thrive in this new age of FF mirrorless:

  • Emphasize on M43 smaller size advantage
  • Making smaller & more portable camera
  • Making smaller & more portable lens

As nice as A7-III is, there is no escape that FF F/2.8 zoom will be Huge & Expsensive. I see opportunity for M43 making newer & smaller F/2.8 zoom for traveling. At any rate:

Though to get the same job done on FF mirrorless you do not need an F/2.8 zoom . In fact an F/5.6 lens would do the exact same job. What few F/5.6 zooms exist tend to be low end low price models , however Sony has some very good F/4 lenses and whilst not a svelte as the F/2.8 m43 lenses there is not much in it size wise. For me it is the length of the lenses that matters most

My m43 camera { GX8} with 7-14mm pro compared to my Sony FF { A7rII } with 12-24mm and the Sony is a little wider while still holding a one stop DOF etc advantage

My m43 camera { GX8} with 12-40mm pro compared to my Sony FF { A7rII } with 24-105mm the Sony has a longer focal length while still holding a one stop DOF etc advantage. I do not consider 18mm longer a big deal

For me either of the above set-ups would make for a nice travel kit. With the 42mp I can use APS crop mode extending the 100mm to an effective 150mm whilst still having an 18mp file. And any other accessories:  batteries , chargers, memory cards , flashguns etc are all the same size

I see FF Mirrorless become more of a threat to APS-C Fuji X and Sony A6xxx series. Their camera aren't as small as Sony A7 FF, their Lens are also Expensive & Big. There really isn't any compelling argument to buy an expensive APS-C when FF lens and camera can sometimes be even smaller & cheaper than their APS-C counter-part.

M43, on the other hand, can offer small enough of a camera body & lens to justify selling along side a FF option. My hope is that Olympus & Panasonic will wise up and revive M43 original mission of making small beautiful camera & lens. Perhaps, even go along with the FF train giving us a 4:3 ratio FF camera to upgrade to.

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