35mm 1.4 ZA Lens vs. Sigma 1.4 Art Lens

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Re: 35mm 1.4 ZA Lens vs. Sigma 1.4 Art Lens

tn1krr wrote:

Scrollop wrote:

You've probably read a few of the discussions about these lenses.

I'd say:

If your budget is low, get the Saymyang.

If you want the sharpest images, then [it's a tossup between the Sigma, though a good copy of the Sony is very sharp. If you take 10 copies of each lens the Sigma will be slighly sharper, according to MTF charts.

Could you point to a sensible real-life MTF test that says these are a tossup? I've never seen these two even very close.

If you look at lensrentals test the best Sony you can find has hard time matching the a below the average Sigma. If you take averages from sample sets Sigma is way ahead and it is not even very close. Even Roger's commentary that is usually very measured is quite harsh here.


At some time I had the Sony and Sigma for Nikon. At 100% the Sigma was a tiny bit sharper, however in real life, it was hard to see a difference and find fault with the Sony at all. I really like the 35/1.4, esp. its excellent AF. For me it is a great lens.

Right now, I use the 35/1.4ii for Canon, too. Again the Canon is a but sharper if you stage a test scene. However, as we use those lenses at weddings for people, you won't see a difference in real life 99% of the time. If we pair the 35/1.4ii with the 5div then the A7riii and FE35 will always result in superior sharpness downsized to 30MP, owing to the 42MP and lack of AA filter.

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