Amazing Swiss film camera, Alpha, photo samples

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Re: indeed (but tiny caveat)

Ellis Vener wrote:

peripheralfocus wrote:

Even in 35mm, Contax famously developed the RTS III camera with a vacuum-assisted film pressure plate, for the "ultimate" in film flatness. It could suck each frame of film flat onto the pressure plate while operating at 5 frames-per-second. Impressive in an oddly obsessive way!

I remember that camera but thought it to be mostly a gimmick.

I did, too, but Contax seemed to take it seriously!

Did you know that Linhof made a 4x5 and perhaps an 8x10 sheet film holder with a vacuum to flatten the film flat? There was a little tube on the back of the holder to suck on just before making the exposure.

I've never seen this, but I'm not too surprised. I love the wonderful variety of technologies that were created over the 150 years of film camera development. So many interesting animals. The digital camera era is very bland in comparison.

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