Amazing Swiss film camera, Alpha, photo samples

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indeed (but tiny caveat)

Ellis Vener wrote:

If you think a particular make of a film camera body has an effect on what a print or scan made from the film that went through it I have a bridgeconnecting Brooklyn and Manhattan I think you might be interested in buying.

Your point is well-taken, Ellis. With film, the camera is basically just a box to keep the light out.

That said, there is one very small caveat. Assuming a properly aligned and adjusted camera, there is still one image quality factor that does depend on the camera (or back): film flatness. Especially with medium format cameras, it could be an area of some variation between designs (and therefore brands).

Even in 35mm, Contax famously developed the RTS III camera with a vacuum-assisted film pressure plate, for the "ultimate" in film flatness. It could suck each frame of film flat onto the pressure plate while operating at 5 frames-per-second. Impressive in an oddly obsessive way!

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