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Re: X-H1s

Sjak wrote:

Maybe Fuji is just "testing the waters" for a body with IBIS but for the rest consisting of existing Fuji-technology, and only minor adjustments on the UI (stuff like button/dial, grip,...).

By releasing it now, the company can (based on user feedback) change course or tweak some details for the successor with the next gen sensor and processor.

I wouldn't be too surprised if it only gets a relatively short production run.

The determinant for the life of the X-H1 will undoubtedly be its sales. If potential buyers can get past the FUD which had been spread about it and look at the many refinements it offers, I predict it will be around for a while.

Disclosure: I own an X-E3, an XF-2 and an XH-1. I will keep all of them The difference in weight of the X-H1 does not bother me, and the grip/ergo are superb, especially with the longer/heaver lenses. The E meets my need for a lightweight travel camera. The T is a fine in-betweener. I'm a happy camper...

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