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tbcass wrote:

jrtrent wrote:

I agree with your post, but would add that many people, including DPR reviews, use the equivalent aperture number to try to tell people that their lens is slower than they think it is.

Once again that is a misunderstanding of the concept of equivalence that resulted from DPR not adequately explaining it at first. I believe they do a better job at that now than they did at first but no matter how well explained some people just don't get it.

But still not relative to someone w/ only "one" size sensor.  If "buying", it is sufficient to state that larger sensors have inherently deeper DOF vs smaller, then move on the OTHER advantages and disadvantages of ALL sensor sizes.

So he can may a purchase decisions on ALL factors, NOT simply "equivalence".

It does not matter what is equivalent, the "non"-equivalent may be BETTER.

Sometimes I think it would have been better to not bring it up in the first place!

Absolutely right.  It detracts from whatever the original context was.

Afterall the DPR writers are more engineers and not school teachers.

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Look at the picture, not the pixels

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