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tbcass wrote:

You obviously don't understand the concept of equivalence which is understandable since it's a bit abstract. I didn't understand it at first because when it was first brought up it wasn't properly explained. Now I believe I do. Equivalence is about the settings necessary to make photos from 2 different sized sensors look the same relative to exposure, FOV, perspective and DOF. In light of that it's very practical and not an attempt to make a larger sensor seem better than a smaller one which many people seem to believe.

But that is EXACTLY what they are doing when they continually put-down a smaller sensor in the beginners forum, all to confuse them into thinking they MUST have that larger sensor, (and shallow DOF), even when/if a smaller sensor may serve them better by being more versatile and convenient and thus offer more shooting opportunities.

Since most of us don't delve that deeply into all the compositional aspects of a photograph the concept of equivalence may not be that important in many instances.

But many MAKE it seem like it is the MOST important.

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Look at the picture, not the pixels

I agree with that also.  The PHOTO is what counts, (at any specific output size), blowing up to 100% to "criticize" serves no practical purpose except to perpetualize FF to beginners.

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