a7x, a9 PDAF stripe noise technical analysis, part deux

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Re: Banding pattern on sensor observed

PopOrange wrote:

iso rivolta wrote:

Thanks for the image. I believe most sensors with PDAF pixels have the masked portions visible upfront like this when shining light at high incidence angles. We've seen it in sensors from Canon and Olympus at least.

Right, so what exactly are people discussing about at this point? According to that OP, these masked portion matches the PDAF point positions and also matches the position of bands on image.

Thanks for the link to the microscope image of the sensor. The fact we can see a reflection off the surface of the sensor doesn't mean those reflections would necessarily reach neighboring pixels - if you look at a cross-section of a PDAF pixel and where the masks are relative to the interpixel light-guards (which are designed to prevent optical cross-talk, ie reflections between pixels) then it's not clear how much of the reflection can actually make it into a neighboring pixel. That said, the reflection theory is definitely the most plausible one.

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