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HumanTarget wrote:

jrtrent wrote:

Where I found equivalent aperture numbers useful was to realize that with my Olympus E-300 I could get the same depth of field at f/5.6 that I would have needed f/11 to achieve with my Contax film cameras--a very useful two-stop advantage under darker conditions.

That's the thing; you do not have a two-stop advantage (aside from the fact that digital is much more sensitive to light than film was). A full frame digital camera at f/11 and your Olympus E-300 at f/5.6 would give similar results, in terms of both DOF and noise.

In my case, it was a two-stop advantage because I wasn't comparing the E-300 to a full-frame camera but to the camera I owned, a Contax 139 Quartz, and the film I used, Fujifilm Astia, an ISO 100 slide film.  If I wanted to compromise on the E-300's image quality, it could have an even bigger advantage, but I preferred keeping it at ISO 100 because that's what looked best to me.

If I were comparing two new cameras today, I also wouldn't care which ISO settings would give similar noise levels, but would shoot either one at the ISO setting (or perhaps range of settings) that looked best to my eyes--I don't believe in paying for image quality that I won't use.  Only testing of particular cameras would let me know what those settings might be, but a smaller sensor, with its shorter lenses for the same field of view, is always going to give me a depth of field advantage in terms of the f-stop needed.

The point is that if you need that depth of field at a given shutter speed, the full frame has no advantage over the Olympus.

And the needed shutter speed can vary depending on the ergonomics of the two cameras as well as the presence and/or effectiveness of image stabilization.  Again, not something that can be generalized but needs testing of specific models to see how they compare.

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