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The lens in question on the sensor in question produces an image that is very similar to the image that would be produced by an f/16 lens on FF WRT framing, perspective, lightness, DoF, shot noise and diffraction blur.

The camera will struggle to get enough light in lower light situations compared to FF because it has a very small sensor.

It won't struggle any more than a FF camera with its lens at f/16.

The amount of light a camera gets in a particular length of time from a particular scene depends on both the sensor's surface area and the aperture diameter. At the same DoF and same FoV the smaller sensor camera has a much smaller diameter aperture.

I know. Larger sensors will have larger apertures for a given field of view and f/ratio.

Which leads to the relevance of the next bit.

It's kind of hard to tell what point you think you are making when you link to a whole article.

Scroll down a little bit and can you see comparisons of sensor size and pixel size and pixel pitch etc?

Sure. But pixel size and pitch are irrelevant re image noise. So I still don't understand what point it is you think you are making, which goes along with my puzzlement about the purpose of this thread. GB doesn't claim a lens changes its f-number.

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