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Re: I remember Alpa film cameras!
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FrancoD wrote:

Alpa used to make quirky 35mm cameras and some very exotic lenses too.

Then it went bankrupt but in 1996 it was resurrected as a medium forma camera maker.

They do both film and digital but looks to me that they are aiming at the digital market the most.

I had customers salivating over cameras like this :

always very hard to price (SH price...)

I grew up in Houston Texas back when there were three robustly stocked photography equipment dealers: Southside Camera in Bellaire, , Southwestern Camera in downtown, and Skylark camera out towards Pasadena. There was also a very high end specialty store that catered mostly to well heeled amateurs, George Lange Camera. This was back in the days when the “Oyl Bidness” and the Medical Business were in their rip roaring, free spending heydays.

Say you or your boss woke up one morning and decided this was the day you wanted to buy a complete Sinar, Linhof, Hasselblad, Nikon, or Canon system complete with virtually every lens made for those systems, and lighting ranging from Broncolor to Balcar to Speedotron to Norman, and a 16mm Arriflex motion picture camera set up? You could walk into one of these stores and pretty much walk out with all of that.

But only one store sold Alpa cameras: Guess which one?

Answer: Neiman-Marcus.

For those unfamiliar with it, Neiman-Marcus is a very high end fashion retailer that was based in Dallas , and at that time in Texas  shopping there was a very big deal. I knew it because my mother worked there.

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