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kiwi2 wrote:

Photography is based around the f-numbers being the same.

No. The standard exposure model near-universally used in photographer is based around...

It has practical applications like being able to take a reading with handheld light metre, that may give you a reading of say 1/250 sec, ISO 100, f/5.6... and no matter what lens you put on, be it a wide angle or telephoto or of any focal length on any format size, it will come out correctly exposed if set to f/5.6.

That's a circular argument. Of course a device designed to give an exposure reading gives a result that's consistent with the standard exposure model.

Similarly, 6-inch rulers give results that are consistent with the Imperial measurement system but it doesn't disprove the existence of the metric system.

It's kind of useful

No one disagrees. I suspect we just put different emphasis on the words 'kind of.'

The question is whether it's the only possible perspective and whether it shows the whole picture. To which I'd argue that it doesn't.

You're entitled to show no interest in what's happening at a whole-image level, but you don't get to wilfully misrepresent it just because you're not interested.

Richard -

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