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nigelht wrote:

HumanTarget wrote:

nigelht wrote:

HumanTarget wrote:

The light intensity reaching the sensor/film is the same. That is why it gets the same f/speed.

Yes, but so what? If I'm more interested in noise or DOF than the settings recorded in the EXIF, why would I care if the f-number is the same?

f-number isn't just a setting recorded in the EXIF. It may be for some types of photography but the exposure triangle dominates other types where keeping shutter speed high enough to stop action without pushing ISO beyond the natural ISO range.

There is no "exposure triangle."

Wow. Really?

And folks claim there is no confusion from this form of equivalence.

Out of curiosity, what are the direct three principal components exposure? How does this relate to the "exposure triangle"?

If I need to move a heavy object and know that two people can each lift half their weight (w/2), wouldn't I chose the heavier person? Or would I say that, since both have w/2 strength that their weight is unimportant?

Not when the weight is 8 lbs and you need a monopod vs 3 lbs and not...

I said "heavy object." I don't think 8lbs qualifies as heavy. If I want deep DOF and a minimal shutter speed, there may be no real benefit to using a larger sensor camera.

An 8 lbs lens gets pretty danged heavy if you're running up and down the sidelines.

Do you really think that folks buy 300mm and 400mm f2.8 lenses for their D5 they see no real benefit? A 600mm f4 is even heavier at 11 lbs.

Do you really think that non-pros, that aren't going to buy 5 figure lenses, depend on 200mm f2.8 and 300mm f4 lenses on crop bodies depend on the f2.8 for exposure and NOT DoF?

focal length and f-number at the end of the day translates into size, weight and cost.


Noise can often be fixed in post.

But it's better to start with less, isn't it?

Only if you can get the shot at the shutter speed you desire without going into the extended ISO range or for some cameras at all.

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