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Re: Disingenuous posting

Richard Butler wrote:

It's already been made clear in one thread that no one is saying that the f-number of a lens actually changes and that the standard exposure model is based, for better or worse, on f-numbers and light per unit area.

So no, no one is saying that the f-number "becomes"something else. Or "is" something else on a different sensor. You repeatedly reverting to that claim is clearly disingenuous.

You've made apparent that you know this already. You're also seemingly aware that equivalence doesn't claim it, and that there is some value to a whole-image understanding of total light.

If you continue to intentionally misrepresent the idea of equivalence, purely because you want to play games of semantics or because you've decided you don't deem it useful, this thread will be deleted.

But, if you take away the straw man, people don't have as much to argue about.

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