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Joe Pineapples II wrote:

kiwi2 wrote:

Joe Pineapples II wrote:

kiwi2 wrote:

In the previous thread that has seemed to have run foul of the administrator, you said..

"He was wrong to say that, too. What he should have said is, "At f/16 FF equivalent and 1/500 to freeze the action, the amount of light projected on the sensor will result in a noisy photo"".

Surely the lens physically doesn't become f/16 just because someone has decided they want to compare "equivalence" with some other format size?

If I decide I want to compare "equivalence" of the FZ200 to APS-C, then does the lens suddenly become f/10.5?

Or if I decide I want to compare "equivalence" against medium format, then does it suddenly become a f/22 lens?

I would insert that its 108mm focal length and 38mm aperture means it's f/2.8. That does not change no matter what we compare equivalence against?

It will still expose at 1/500 sec f/2.8.

Yes? No?

You need to stick your head in the chilly bin for a bit and cool off there, bro'

Equivalence just asks the question: how do I take two photographs with two cameras having different format sensors, so that they are as close as possible to being the same, in terms of FoV, perspective, DoF, diffraction blur, noise, motion blur, etc? That's all - nothing more complicated than that.

This page contains all that you want to know:


But asking the question doesn't change the lens's physical properties? It doesn't become a f/16 lens?

Just like a iPhone7 is still f/1.8 and doesn't become f/12.3 just because they put the 35mm equivalent focal length in the specifications?

Right - so saying it is a 4 mm f/1.8 lens is right, and saying it is equivalent to a 28 mm f/12.3 lens on a FF camera is right, but saying it is a 28 mm f/1.8 lens is misleading.


It is f/2,8 for exposure "setting", (SS), purposes but f/12.3 for DOF consideration.

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