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Nikon Insider (byThom) indicates Nikon is going APS-C Mirrorless

samtheman2014 wrote:

007peter wrote:

I don't blame people for "wanting to switch" but I do think this is a form of Panic Buying or Panic Selling is unproductive. The smart thing is to wait & see for Panasonic / Olympus / Fuji / Canon & Nikon's response. A response will come.

Canon's seem rather confident Canon interview: 'increased competition allows us to level-up . I'm not surprised if Canon is already beta testing their Sony A7-III killer in the pipeline. I"m less confident about Nikon, but it seem like their Mirrorless answer is equally inevitable.

I have seen a lot of folk lament Nikon's future mirrorless options. However from a performance perspective { AF, FPS, speed of use etc } the Nikon 1 system cameras were excellent performers . Including some exotic features like 60fps burst shooting and so on .

Bythom is a very knowledgable Nikon insider.  His prediction is spot on.  He predicted the Death of Nikon's DL 1" point/shoot 6 months ahead of Nikon acknowledge that DL line was indeed cancelled.   But now Bythom is indicating that Nikon mirrorless will not be FF but 2 DX mirrorless bodies shipping in May   That upset a lot of people who wanted a Nikon FF mirrorless.

However, this reliable rumor was before Sony A7-III spectacular debut.  I"m sure Nikon just suffer a rude awakening and is reshuffling for a FF mirrorless sooner or later.   I suspect that May 24 debut of 2x APS-C maybe delay for a FF mirrorless.

That is the reason why I prefer to WAIT & SEE.  Sony A7-III is forcing everybody to respond.

The entire Camera landscape will look very differnt from today in just 6 months. I rather wait & see all the cards to make my decisions.

I think if you look at a two system set up as one kit . And do not replicate the lens selection m43 and FF can make for a great do-it all combo.

Agree 100%.  I too think of M43 + FF as an ideal combo.  M43 for traveling and taking advantage of its Telephoto advantage with its 2x crop sensor; then a FF camera with Wide Angle lens, where FF has the advantage of producing thin DOF bokeh even @the wide angle (something M43 can't do without resorting to using fast Telephoto prime)

I think where the Danger of Conflict is in Expensive Big Camera Body (Gh5, Gh5s, G9), where its going up against Sony A7-III with a quarter size sensor with a much bigger body.

As a Small Camera (original M43 fan), I appreciate Sony A7-III ability to squeeze in such a big sensor in a tiny body.  Hopefully, this will stimulate Olympus & Panasonic to reexamine their recent Bigger = Better = PRO philosophy, and give up a revive Panasonic GM6.

I"m looking to see what future Panasonic & Olympus response will be.  Olympus is suspiciously QUIET lately, all signs points to some kind of New Camera after the luke warm debut of Olympus E-PL9.

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