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Re: Premature to dump M43...I would WAIT for Olympus & Panasonic RESPOND

007peter wrote:

CharlesB58 wrote:

I've looked at the specs and watched some initial reviews. I've looked at images and studio scene. I even have some friends who use Sony A7 series. I even did camera size comparison, using the F4 Sony zooms that would be the most likely alternative to the 12-60 and 50-200 4/3 zooms I currently use with my EM1.1s. The A7iii is a compelling camera, especially for someone whose main genre is concert photography,

Yes it is. Its the most aggressive & compelling camera for $2000. Unlike Canon, Sony didn't hold back on features to protect its high end models. I admire & congratulate on Sony's aggressive stand on competition.

I still would not "switch", meaning fully replace my m4/3 gear with Sony.

I don't blame people for "wanting to switch" but I do think this is a form of Panic Buying or Panic Selling is unproductive. The smart thing is to wait & see for Panasonic / Olympus / Fuji / Canon & Nikon's response. A response will come.

Canon's seem rather confident Canon interview: 'increased competition allows us to level-up . I'm not surprised if Canon is already beta testing their Sony A7-III killer in the pipeline. I"m less confident about Nikon, but it seem like their Mirrorless answer is equally inevitable.

I have seen a lot of folk lament Nikon's future mirrorless options. However from a performance perspective { AF, FPS, speed of use etc } the Nikon 1 system cameras were excellent performers . Including some exotic features like 60fps burst shooting and so on .

The entire Camera landscape will look very differnt from today in just 6 months. I rather wait & see all the cards to make my decisions.

I think if you look at a two system set up as one kit . And do not replicate the lens selection m43 and FF can make for a great do-it all combo. Particularly if you have an interest in shallow DOF or light gathering , compared to buying multiple heavy { relatively speaking } pricey F/1.2 lenses for m43. An A7111 kit with a selection of F/1.8 primes would actually work out well

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