a7x, a9 PDAF stripe noise technical analysis, part deux

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What samples do you need?

Horshack wrote:


More data is needed to determine if the A7III is more prone to visible striping vs other Sony bodies. The original dpreview samples had large lens reflections, which yielded striping intensities of 20%. Either the A7III and/or 85mm F/1.8 FE lens used is more prone to lens flare reflections, or it was just bad luck. More A7III samples will be needed to determine which.

I cannot pretend I understand you theory fully. I did however get my A7iii recently and am interested to help decipher this phenomenon.

What samples do you believe will help?

I am thinking If we are believing some very strangely directed light (reflection) is hitting the sensor and producing artifacts then I can try DSLR lens on Metabones that will have huge working distance vs. similar focal length native lens that will have the rear element closer to the sensor. I would assume the latter would  be prone to the DPR type artifacts much more. So

1. Basic setup 2x 85mm lenses - DSLR and E mount one. 1 flash head

2. Shoot against flashlight positioned near or slightly outside of the edges close to the corner

Other ideas?

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