6D VS Modern APSC

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Re: 6D VS Modern APSC

Having owned a 6D (+70D) for several years (and a 5DII + 60D before that) and currently owning a 5D IV and 80D (notice a trend?), you may get slightly better IQ out of a 6D than a 77D but you'll be giving up useful features such as the touch screen and tilting screen and a more modern AF system. The DPAF Live View/ video AF of Canon's newer cameras is outstanding and is something else missing on the 6D.

If your main complaint about the 77D is sharpness, then the 6D isn't the solution. The problem is much more likely user error or your lenses. If your complaint is high ISO performance, then yes maybe a stop better with the 6D. But if you plan to lift the shadows on a lower ISO shot, then the modern sensor with extended DR of the 77D is better.

I took many award-winning and profitable photos with my 6D. But it is older technology and is nearly matched in terms of IQ and easily surpassed in terms of features by Canon's newer APS-C offerings.

Renting is always a good idea so you can see for yourself. Let us know what you decide and why!

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