Final Nikon D750 lens selection(!)

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Final Nikon D750 lens selection(!)

I know it just depends on what you are photographing but just for interest and perhaps to save folks some ebay fees.....I thought I would briefly summarise what I have ended up with for the D750 in terms of lenses. Previously I was D700 user, got the D750 because of video, cost and weight. 24 MP on FF good enough for Leica, its good enough for me. Plus low light performance is good. All these lenses are Nikon.

35mm F2. Lightweight street photography lens with easy zone focusing. Tried 35mm 1.8 g and Tamron 35mm versions and ended up with this. Its a keeper.

50mm 1.4D. Again lightweight street and portrait lens and general all rounder, speedy focus, nice colour and IQ. Had 1.8d, 1.8g and Zeiss 1.4 Planar previously. I prefer this one.

85mm 1.8g. Lightweight and effective portrait lens when 50mm is just too scary and close. Also easier to get both eyes in focus if focus and recomposing. Previously had the 1.8D which is also good. Not much in it, but 1.8g autofocus better and balance on the camera too.

24/70 G. Workhorse but heavy documentary and reportage lens you can use in the rain (apparently). Quick AF and good IQ. If I'm not sure what to expect or if no time to change lenses I can't go wrong with this. Some vignetting at F2.8 but not a biggie. Got this having hired the VR E version for a day, which was great, but decided it was just too expensive. Good for portraits but can get tiring in an extended session. Surprisingly effective street photography lens. Previously had 24/120 and 24/85. Definitely prefer the 24/70.

70/300 VR. Don't use this lens much at all, got it when I had a D90 to take photos of my wife's dogs! surprisingly good, cheap and lightweight lens, you can't go wrong with it. Borrowed a 70/200 G to try for portraits, too heavy for me.

All of these lenses also work on my F100 which is a bonus.

If this helps anyone, then good. I am not an expert on lenses but this selection works well for me: I primarily photograph people - I am not a landscape photographer.


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