Wide angle lens for Pen-F. Rokinon 12mm or Panny 12-32?

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Re: Wide angle lens for Pen-F. Rokinon 12mm or Panny 12-32?

The Kathmandu Cat wrote:


I'm looking to get a wide angle lens (12mm and thereabouts) on a budget of around 300$ for my Pen-F. I'd like to keep the whole package small and portable. I did some research and it looks like the Rokinon 12mm prime and the Panasonic 12-32mm pancake zoom are within my budget limit and both quite popular.

I'm torn between which one of the two to get for wide landscapes. The Rokinon is a prime fixed at 12mm with very good image quality and the Panny is a very good kit lens plus its a pancake and the size is perfect on a Pen-F.

I can't decide! Suggestions?

Here is a recent thread on the Samyang/Rokinon lens, not sure if you saw it:


I commented there too so I will not repeat that here.

Like others have said, keep in mind the drawbacks of the prime: manual focus, no lens EXIF data, and relatively* large and heavy (made for APS-C). When you mention "small and portable" then IMO it's not the best choice.

What about the 9-18? Used it should be fairly affordable, although it's always a little risk that you end up with a dud. But small and seems good for "wide landscape".

*compared to the Oly 12/2 and Pana 12-32

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