Wide angle lens for Pen-F. Rokinon 12mm or Panny 12-32?

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Re: Wide angle lens for Pen-F. Rokinon 12mm or Panny 12-32?

Cagey75 wrote:

windmillgolfer wrote:

I have both lenses, Samyang badged version of the Rokinon, bought for Astro work. The 12-32mm is incredibly small and stabilised, with the added flexibility of a short zoom range. Secondhand, the 12-32mm should cost less. For landscape you do not need the f2 of the Rokinon. The Rokinon is not small but it is a very good lens. For your planned use, the 12-32mm should be fine.

But, before spending on another lens, for landscapes, why not try a few manual panoramas with your super compact 20mm. A three shot pano, with 25% overlap will give you far wider images. Choose a spot in the landscape to fix focus and exposure, then shoot your three images and stitch with the free Microsoft ICE. You can bracket if you want, fuse the bracketed images before stitching. Lots of examples here - https://www.flickr.com/photos/dieselgolfer/albums/72157651603418606

I don't get this, someone is asking for a lens suggestion within a given budget, stitching panos is a very limited option, what if OP doesn't like to spend much time on PP? or wants wide portraits on the side, or some environmental street photography? post processing has nothing to do with lens choice.

True, but show me a lens that can do panoramas.

I would go with the 12mm F2 every time here. Sure it's manual focus only, no big deal. At this focal length there's barely any focusing for wide shots, might be trickier for wide open close up shots but a little practice is all that's required. A prime will almost always give better results than a zoom at the same FL, and nobody has mentioned the distortion the 12-32 'pancake' brings along at the widest angle.

You are ignoring the value of a zoom in that it enables you to compose the photo the way you want it. It is not always possible to zoom with your feet when using a prime. However, with a zoom, you can still zoom with your feet where possible.

Also, it has been proven that some zooms can out-perform a prime in terms of IQ. The distortion you mention with the 12-32 is minor and not always visible especially, when doing landscapes. I have used this lens often when I'm out doing landscapes. Yes, a lens like my 12-40 is better but larger and heavier.

I do find that my 9-18 is better at 12mm than the 12-32. I have yet to compare it to the 12-40.

Another factor is - not all landscapes need to be shot at wide angle. I have used my 45-200, 100-300 and 100-400 for landscapes. The 12-32 fits nicely into this. The 24-70 FF equivalent is the choice of many photographers.

Here is a photo taken with the 12-32 @32, another at 200mm (45-200) and one from the P100-400 @ 400mm.

Forth River and railway bridge Panasonic 12-32 @ 32mm

Misty Morning in Roslin Glen. Panasonic 45-200 @ 200mm

Dusk in Nova Scotia Panasonic 100-400 @ 400mm


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