If you have both E3 and Pro2, which do you pick up the most?

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If you have both E3 and Pro2, which do you pick up the most?

Hello all

First post here but have lurked for a while. I decided to sign up and post here due to the constructive tone and quality of the exchanges in the various threads :).

Slightly long and 'asked before' post, but bear with me. I need help (probably in more ways than one) on choosing between the X-E3 and Pro2 as first Fuji. I have looked at the other threads on this same question, but am especially interested in views from people with both the E3 and Pro2 on practical usability as I understand that they have the same systems. I have managed to overthink this to paralysis; hence my request for some practical input to help me decide.

Like some/many, I used to shoot on SLR's then dSLR with a variety of lenses. Eventually found them too big/"heavy" for me and more or less stopped taking pictures. I used to always have a camera on me, even going to work. I sometimes still do that (a little Yashica film rangefinder) and it feels good.

I like shooting some street and people. I have regular business trips around Europe and will be going to Yosemite with my in laws (yeah!) camping this summer so some travel. Going camping over Easter as well. When I can get time, budget and the weather to align (incredibly random in England), I fly a vintage aircraft from a grass field, so muddy/dirty, but I would like to interview some of the pilots I meet/have met/places I visit as there are some great stories there, without intimidating them with a big camera.

So here is the dilemma. I went to a shop and had a look at both the E3 and Pro2 trying the 18-55 and 35 lenses. I really like how the Fuji system works, it does all the things that I would want a camera to naturally do (without fiddling with eleventybillion menus). The Pro2 strongly appeals to me or more to the point, how it feels in my hand: grip, balance, bulletproof. My one hesitation is the size, it seems large - is it pulling me back to DSLR "systems". The E3 is more unobtrusive, but seems a little small in hand and grip, question of how robust it is (although reviews seem to be positive on that point). I would also rather spend money on lenses than grip adapters.

I have seen second hand Pro2 bodies at a price where, if I bought a lense as well, it is manageably little more than a new E3 with lense, so let's say that there is no material cost differential to take that out of the equation.

With that said, for those of you with (or have used) both, what do you find you pick up more, even if it is just going for a walk? I know both are good, and figure it may boil down to personal preference of what feels right, but just want to get a sense from your good selves. Ultimately, I know that it is not the camera body itself which will take good pictures, but it does play a part.  Thanks for reading!

Olympus E-3
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