The architecture of death

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I have posted these elsewhere, but I thought they might be interesting to those who have not seen them in the weekly phot thread.

The Municipal Cemetery in Modena (Italy) must be one of the few cemeteries where an “Archistar” has been called in. I came across this place in Modena thanks to a magazine article.

This cemetery was designed by Aldo Rossi a famous Italian architect and intellectual. It was built in the late 70’s.

Cemeteries in Italy are one of the strange things here. Little boxes are piled high one above the other to hold the dead. They are often multi storey structures.

The workings of these cemeteries are quite macabre. On popping off, you start out in a normal coffin and then every so often the coffin gets opened and the remains moved to an ever-smaller box. This is to make more room in the family tomb or a move to a smaller cheaper little box. The orange building in this set is the final destination with the smallest boxes, called the “Osario”, translated “Ossuary” .

I mostly took this set of shots with a lens I have a love hate relationship with: the Olympus 7-14. Wide open it is difficult to get compositions that I like. Here in this set even though not a 7mm it got what I wanted.

The internal pictures in this set also relies heavily on the PP and brilliant Prime noise reduction in DXO Photolab. I love the resurrected Nik tools.

Thanks for sharing, This is a rare opportunity to see modern style Italian cemetery. The whole idea reflects military order and equality before the Almighty.

Also, photos are the best

Side note: I have bad habit looking at photos first. My initial thought was - luxury concentration camp or strangely looking barracks. When I came to the last photo, I actually knew what to expect.



I wouldn't call it modern. Rather neo-classicism. To me this kind of architecture reminds of dark times of Italian history. Similar architectonical ideas are represented for instance in E.U.R., Mussolini's dream city outside Rome.

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