Studio Scene and A7 III vs Fuji X-T2 / X-H1

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Studio Scene and A7 III vs Fuji X-T2 / X-H1

Disclaimer: I don't own A7 III or X-T2. I own a Canon 6D and Fuji X100F. I am just a curious photographer who is here for more knowledge than acting like a fanboy.

For the last few days YouTube feed is filled with reviews of A7 III for me. The launch event, various (stoked!) photographers who had dune buggy rides and their glowing reviews about A7III. Amazing stuff indeed.

There are two photographers who also went on a bashing spree (Tony Northrup and Ken Wheeler a.k.a. Theoria Apophasis) about the Crop sensor vs Full frame. Although Ken doesn't give evidences of images he talks technology and Tony gave a survey sample of 1000 users with photographs.

Everything came down to a single statement of A7 III has ~2x image quality compared to XH-1. Per Tony reasons for this are -

  • A7 III has roughly 2.31x surface area of X-H1 X-Trans sensor (APS-C).
  • ~2x IQ is roughly 1 f-stop. 800 vs 1600 ISO etc.

Tony created a survey showing bunch of images side by side and let people choose which is having less noise.

Ken Wheeler kept repeating and repeating and repeating... how Fuji's X-Trans APS-C sensor doesn't have half the quality of A7III. (OH my god watching his videos is no treat let me tell you! If one more time he tells me how light meter doesn't have sensor size option I will rip my ears off!)

Now, as a consumer wanting to replace his 6D and have an option of A7 III it was curious watch for me. Now here are my doubts after this stupid fiasco -

  1. Tony showed crop sections of image rather than a whole image. This actually is hyper pixel peeping. I would have loved to see entire image / scene so that I understand how these cameras performed rather than pixel peeping. Would it matter if Tony would have showed full images? Would it narrow the actual result?
  2. Although Ken doesn't show ever ever any photos to back up his claims, I have 6D sitting on my table and I took some shots to compare. I can see that my X100F manage to get sharper images at 35mm f4 than 6D with 24-105 f4 at 800 ISO. So I can relate to Ken's point that bigger sensor doesn't guarantee better IQ or sharper images!

To clarify my doubts I went to DP Review studio comparison tool . I know many of you don't agree to the results of the tool but for amateur like me there aren't many ways to compare these expensive cameras. In this tool to me X-T2 looked better any many sections of the image. The purple fringing in the bottom left corners was absolutely bad with A7 III and A7R III.

Purple fringing on Sony cameras.

Do you guys see a 2x image quality claim holding from Tony when it comes to modern APS-C cameras?

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