Hot pixel mapping for the C-2100 UZ works!

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Re: USB for the C-2100 UZ in XP

Confirmed not work with E-100RS. I received this after trying the remap function:
Remapping the defect pixels.
Remap complete. (46 sec)
Result is undefined.

I checked the log file and all procedures returned a value. Too bad it doesn't work with my firework ezi.

Mocha_hk wrote:
Maybe I will give it a try, but what exactly is the remap theory?

corhoin wrote:

Mocha_hk wrote:

I tried it on my E100RS, when I used the "Read pixels" function, it
gave me these:

OLYMPUS E-100RS 1.00
Reading the defect pixels.
Elapsed time: 1 sec (100%).
Read 0 defect pixels.

I think the program may not be able to read the E100RS 28MHz CCD,
so I decided not to try the remap function because nobody knows
what is going to happen!!

This is exactly what usually happens with my C-2100UZ also. The
reading function does not read the CCD, it only reads the already
saved hot pixels from the camera's memory. The reading thing
doesn't always work, yet the remapping seems to work. Besides, it's
the camera that reads the CCD (with its shutter being automatically
closed) when remapping, not the computer. The PC only triggers the
same internal command that's been included in the newer models'
user interface, and displays the log the camera sends to it.


Corhoin Wizardonik Customworks, Finland

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