Let me start the annoying threads - A7Rii or A7iii?

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Let me start the annoying threads - A7Rii or A7iii?

I'm sorry as I know there will be loads of these.

I am primarily a Nikon shooter running a D850 for studio work - but I do and always have loved sony cameras, and although it makes little sense, have often run two systems.

I had an A7R and an A7Rii - and I love the images that came from the A7Rii, so sharp - but found the camera too slow to respond to be a studio replacement.  I therefore used it uch more as a travel / every day carry camera with the 35mm 2.8

I sold the A7Rii to fund the upgrade from 810 to 850, but now have £1500 to reinvest.  I want a travel cam again, so even though the speed drove me crazy, it won't be a main system

I am totally stuck - for around £1000 I could pick up an A7ii and 35mm prime (maybe even the Samyang???)

For about £1500 I could pick up a used A7Rii

Or if I save a little more I could get the A7iii

I love the high res of the R series - but honestly at travel and screen sizes, I know in reality I don't need it.  The A7ii would probably suit me fine, but could always bug me that I get none of the new features (speed) NOR any of the resolution.  Or I pay through the nose and get the better battery, handling and speed of the a7iii, even though I have no doubt the pictures I end up with will be no better than if I went for a cheaper option.

Any input?  Is the A7ii still decent / relevant?  Is it any less laggy than the A7Rii for the small file sizes?

The A7iii looks like it will be a special bit of kit...how do I tell the wife that I need (when I clearly don't) to spend the bucks on the A7iii  

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