Amazing Swiss film camera, Alpha, photo samples

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Re: Amazing Swiss film camera, Alpha, photo samples

22codfish wrote:

Alpha's own website has amazing photo samples which I don't think digital can equal in image quality.

Alpha uses older Pentax lenses:

A bit confusing to someone not acquainted with the Alpa (no h) system but as far as i understood they talked about (and hyped) the old Pentax 67 to give some historical background to the lenses and reinforce the impression that the Pentax medium format lenses they have now embraced are indeed of high quality (they must be as they used to be attached to such a great camera used by great pros). Other than that I didn't see anything about any film camera. Alpa seems to work on adapters or "modules" with and without tilt/shift to combine different lenses with different backs, both film and digital though I suppose digital dominates. The idea is great and puts still capable old equipment to good use. The galleries look good as befits a high end manufacturer but I can't find out which are shot on film and which on digital. Have only the phone now so a bit limited. Is there some particular quality you think can be achieved only with film?

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