TS - E 24 mm 3.5 II - softness across the frame :( Puzzled

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TS - E 24 mm 3.5 II - softness across the frame :( Puzzled

Greetings DPRers, my TSE 24 II seems soft across the entire frame, at f8 centered with no tilt or shift, it should match the 16 - 35 F4 and the 8 - 15 mm Fisheye at center and outperform the 16 - 35 by 14 % on the margins and crush the Fisheye at F 8 on the borders but the images are all soft at f 8 . I would appreciate any thoughts & reflections.

The stitching is perfect so the image plane seems ok in shift - its a bummer, I am disappointed - no other way to say it, hopefully it's a rogue copy. I like the composition ability with a larger image circle but lack the listed sharpness.





t has not given that razor sharp - WOW! that the 16 - 35 II does or the Canon 8 - 15 fisheye.

I am usually pretty good at guestimating a hyperfocal and lens angle - it the imagery from this copy lacks the razor sharp performance of the other lenses, I checked the resolution numbers and it should be kicking keister.

Your thoughts and diagnoses appreciated - these tse test shots not meant for ideal composition ....

tse all at F8


2. This is a 3 image vertical stitch - you may want central portion is centered and unshifted


16 -35

8- 15 fisheye at f8

16 - 35 at f8

fishey f8 I think...

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