Wide angle lens for Pen-F. Rokinon 12mm or Panny 12-32?

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Re: Wide angle lens for Pen-F. Rokinon 12mm or Panny 12-32?

The Kathmandu Cat wrote:


I'm looking to get a wide angle lens (12mm and thereabouts) on a budget of around 300$ for my Pen-F. I'd like to keep the whole package small and portable. I did some research and it looks like the Rokinon 12mm prime and the Panasonic 12-32mm pancake zoom are within my budget limit and both quite popular.

I'm torn between which one of the two to get for wide landscapes. The Rokinon is a prime fixed at 12mm with very good image quality and the Panny is a very good kit lens plus its a pancake and the size is perfect on a Pen-F.

I can't decide! Suggestions?

The 12mm is all manual (I presume you are fine with that and know what that entails), but the IQ is better. People into astro seem to like it a lot, and f/2.0 is going to be helpful for low light situations (although make sure you are fine with using manual focus in such situations). I have heard however the markings on the lens can't be relied on (so you either have to relabel or rely on in-camera focus aids instead).

The 12-32mm is also a great lens, smaller, and has OIS, autofocus and zoom (as well as built in software lens corrections). As such it's a better choice for general use and for taking everywhere. Note it has no manual focus ring and that you have to manually extend the lens for use. If you shoot RAW and use a processor that does not apply the automatic lens correction, it's possible to get a slightly wider image than the 12mm suggests.

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