Canon 5D Mark III used vs Canon 80D

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Re: Canon 5D Mark III used vs Canon 80D


Thanks all for the feedback. Appreciate your good nature. I inadvertently posted this here and realized that I had posted this in the wrong forum as this was my first post.



bobn2 wrote:

Jithjohn wrote:

Hello folks,

I purchased a used Canon 5D Mark III for $700 with a shutter actuation of 136,000. At that time I assumed it was a steal and then followed up to buy a 24-105mm lens to use with the Camera. I’m an amateur just starting to learn and wondering whether I should now sell itand buy an 80D until I become comfortable with all the aspects and nuances.

I took some pics with the 5D and the shots were fabulous so looks like it’s still on good condition.

I would appreciate your thoughts and feedback.



I should say, the response you're getting is a testament to the general good nature of the forum. I have Canon cameras and used to frequent that forum, I can imagine the response you'd have got if you'd asked whether to keep your D800 or get a D7200.

Having said that, now you have a 5DIII, which was an extremely popular and capable camera (outselling anything Nikon made) I'm not sure why an 80D would be any better for you. A big advantage of FF is that you can use old lenses as they were designed to be used, so you can save a bomb on lenses. The EF lens mount is the most popular there is, so there is an enormous number of pre-loved lenses available, and every one is 100% compatible with your camera.

If I were you, I would stick with the 5DIII. In fact, if that's the price they're going for now, I might buy one myself.

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