Problem with D7200 while using ML-L3 and external flash

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Problem with D7200 while using ML-L3 and external flash

I am having issues with my D7200 not firing reliably when using the ML-L3 (IR) remote. I shoot with the camera on a tripod, SB-800 flash, camera set to back button focusing (focus lock is not an issue), Manual exposure mode, shutter speed less than 1/250 sec.

I bought a brand new remote since I thought there might be an issue with my original remote. There is no difference no matter which remote I use.

If I do not have the flash mounted on the camera (but with all other camera settings the same) I can press the remote as rapidly as I want and from pretty much any position in relation to the IR sensor on the back of the camera, and the camera will fire immediately every time.

With the flash on the camera, and the flash set to manual (TTL is not turned on), some times, when I press the remote to fire the camera, the camera does not respond and I have to press the remote button several times to get the camera to fire. The issue isn't that the flash is not yet ready to fire because I have tested this with the flash on 1/128 power (the red “READY” light never goes out).

I also have a D7100. It does not exhibit this same behavior. The two cameras are configured exactly the same (at least as far as I can determine). With the flash on the camera, every time I press the remote release, the camera fires immediately. Every time, no hesitation.

The fact that the D7200 only exhibits this behavior with the external flash on the camera seems to indicate that the issue is related to the flash. I have checked all camera settings pertaining to the external flash and can not find any that would cause this issue.

In addition to the remote not being able to reliably fire the camera with an external flash mounted and using the remote, I have noticed a couple of other differences in behavior between the D7100 and the D7200.

On the D7100, I can fire the camera while the green “data write” light is on. On the D7200, I can't. I have to wait until the green light goes out. With no flash on the camera, I do not have to wait for the green light to go out.

On the D7100, I can fire the camera while the previous image is being displayed. On the D7200, if the previous image is being displayed, I have to press the remote one time to turn off the image display and then press it a second time to fire the camera. Again, if I remove the flash I can press the remote one time with the previous image displayed and the camera will fire.

Any help will be appreciated.

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