Temple of Leah, Cebu

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Temple of Leah, Cebu

I have attached some images/pictures I took some months ago here in Cebu, and I delayed working on them, and posting them, because I did not feel entirely confident in regard to the work necessary to make them look their best. These were all taken with the sdQ at ISO100 and with my usual 17-50 f2.8 OS lens. I only used SPP. Settings were all generally in the middle, including the details and NR, with a little "fringe removal" to eliminate the occasional unwanted purple and green tones.

Janice and I went to the Temple of Leah, a shrine to the gentleman builder's late wife. It is an unusual place, disquieting, really, in an on-going state of continual construction. It's got columns, statues, fountains, and lots of marble. It's big. It's cut into a hillside high above Cebu City, and it has a view of the City and out into the tropical ocean. Along with a view of some of the local Islands, like Mactan, across the strait, and a few smaller ones.

We were there at about 9am, and it was starting to get warm. As usual.

Historical note:


The local story is that Lapu-lapu, a local chief on Mactan, killed Magellan by cutting off his head. There is a shrine to Lapa-lapu on Mactan and a shine for Magellan in Cebu City.

I usually refer to it as the Temple of Love. It is a popular local attraction and it gets full of people later in the day. Probably all of them looking for shade. Sadly, the Temple of Love closes down in the evening.

After working on trying to get images shot at ISO 400 and above to look good, which is possible, it was a relief to simply open the image and make a few minor adjustments in SPP and pronounce myself done. More could be done, I'm sure. Maybe I will do more, but not tonight.

Yes, the marble really is about that color. It's quite dramatic.

Temple of Leah: The Plaza

Grown-up Cupid, at the Temple of Love

Columns and sky, Temple of Leah


From the Portico, looking out to the City and Mactan, with morning clouds

I have not printed any of these images, and that's next, I guess, to see what kind of detail shows up in the prints. The pictures have incredible levels of detail, much like, if not better than, what I used to see in my MF film images. I'm not sure how much of that will show up in these posted jpg images.


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Flat view
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