Non Fuji Lenses Normally Not Allowed, But....

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Non Fuji Lenses Normally Not Allowed, But....

It is against Johnson household rules for anyone to enter my 6th floor river condo dwelling with anything but a Fuji XF lens.  For years I have rolled my eyes at all of you people who ask questions about non-Fuji lenses on this Board.

I always asked myself, why do these people have these lenses?  Why don't they sell them like I did all of mine?

Anyway, that is not the point here of my inquiry.

Before my last trip, Jerry made me buy a Rok 12 for Astro because it supposedly does a better job at Astro then anything Fuji has.  I was going to the best dark skies in the World on Easter Island, the Atacama Desert and Patagonia.  As it turned out we spent 45 days in Chile and I never saw a star.  Cloudy weather at night the whole way.  I never used the Rok because I sure as Hell would never dream of pointing it at anything but stars.  I hated that lens with a passion when I first got it because I can't focus the damn thing and it doesn't communicate anything to the camera.   Hated it.  Vowed to never use it except on stars if I ever see any.  I have never hated any camera, but I hated that lens.  I wish Fuji made a fast 10mm non-OIS prime for my great new XH-1 and its wonderful IBIS.

Yesterday, I went out onto my 6th floor balcony and was playing with all my primes.  The weather and light was perfect and I was shooting distant targets on the beautiful downtown river here at infinity focus on all my primes, just marveling at the IBIS in this great camera.  I decided to mount the Rok 12.  I went into the house to try to find it, but I refuse to store it with my 14 XF lenses, so I had to dig through an old shoebox full of camera parts to find it.  I found the Rok and mounted it to the beautiful XH-1.  God that lens is ugly.  However, the lens hood is far better than any stock Fuji lens hood (they all suck).

I started shooting at a distant target at F8 and 11 at around infinity (manual focus of course) and after about an hour of pixel peeping the results on the awesome LCD of the XH-1, I determined exactly where infinity focus point really was, and like so many have said, it is far to the left from max rotation just past the infinity horizontal line marked on the lens.  It is not at the max rotation point, like many have said.

You guys all know that you have to set the camera to shoot without lens and set one of the many lens entries on the menu to 12mm, or IBIS won't work -- the scene will just float around unless you set the mm to 12. It took me a while to figure that out.  I found an old thread here on this Board where Bob explained how to do it.

Shocker - I was impressed with the results of what I saw with the Rok 12 shot at F8 or F11 at the true infinity focus point.  I don't have to worry about trying to focus the damn thing (which is impossible). Just shoot at F8 or 11 at that newly discovered infinity point.

I shot about 100 JPEG Fine test shots at infinity focus at F8 and F11 and pixel peeped them on the camera and liked what I saw.  I of course shoot RAW and never JPEG, but I did this test with JPEG so I was zooming in and viewing at 100% on the camera's LCD using a Fine JPEG, not a small JPEG embedded in the RAW file.

I liked the results so much that I may actually shoot the Rok 12 when I need wide on this upcoming Spain trip instead of the 10-24 because this trip is going to be a lot of prime shooting with IBIS (and the Brick).

So here is the question -- does anyone know if the Rok 12 is sharper at 12 than my beloved 10-24 is at 12?  If so, I am leaving my baby, the 10-24, at home this trip.

Greg Johnson, San Antonio, Texas

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