questions about particular Ebay auction

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questions about particular Ebay auction

So I found a camera that I like, and it is posted on an Ebay auction.

It has been ages since I sold or bought something on Ebay auctions; maybe 6 years or more.

Not having had any recent experiences there, I would like to hear your opinion about this possible purchase.

The camera I like, still has 3 days to go before the auction ends.

It only has 2 bids bringing the price to $469, while another auction has same camera as New In Box, and has 38 bids and current price of $800! with one day left on Ebay.

The seller of the one I like (because of its lower price), has been on Ebay since 2005 with 4 other items for sale. Most are Canon photo gear.

He has 2 reviews as seller, and 60 reviews as buyer, all of which are positive.

Not exactly stellar, but if you were to look at my history, it would be probably the same.

What make me a little suspicious, is the lack of interest in this auction: only 2 bids, while the other one has 38 bids.

Not much difference between the 2 cameras, besides one being "in very good condition" and "There is not a single scratch anywhere on the body" and the other is New In Box.

The camera retails for about $1000 at BH.

So finally my question:

Should I be suspicious of the lower priced auction?
What kind of protection do I have as a buyer? What if I win the auction and the seller sends me a box with a brick inside?

Why do you think, is there so little interest in the used camera, while the other more expensive one seems to ROCK?

Thanks for any replies.

Please do not ask to post a link to the auction, as I do not want to attract more bids to compete with me.

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