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Back button focusing...

Hello everyone,

I am experiencing some weird behaviour with my BBF setup, at least compared to what I am used to with Nikon.
Back then AF was in Continuous mode all the time, so I press back button to lock the focus and then recompose or take as many shots I want until I need to focus again, and that was all good, fast and precise.
I tried the same with X-T20, but there are some quirks, or I did not set up everything as it should.
The problem occurs after I press the shutter half way down, it does something with the AF and I hear the noise, no matter I turned off Shutter AF in settings menu.
It is much more pronounced with 56mm f1.2 than with 18-55 f2.8-4, but much less with 35mm f2.
I tried to keep it on C or M, but it acts the same.

Another thing is hunting with 56mm f1.2 with BBF and Continuous AF. Somehow it can not lock the focus and stop hunting so I can release back button, but it always hunts so it is very hard to tell when to press the shutter and take the shot. I know this lens is not the speed champion and it has really shallow DOF, but it should be able to lock the focus and stay there, for example on the eye.

Is there some other way to do it with Fuji, am I doing it wrong?

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