Why not to get the A7iii

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Why not to get the A7iii

For years I've been singing Sony's praises and saying how good their kit is. In the last few months, they rectified a couple of the major annoyances that I had when I was a Sony user.

However, I am also anti-hype. The hype train surrounding the A7iii is like nothing seen before. So, with a cool head, this is why Fuji guys shouldn't be interested in the A7iii:

1. It's a value thing. The A7iii didn't bring anything new to the table. It just brought new things to the table at 2000USD. If you're interested in the a7iii, ask yourself why you weren't interested in the a7riii or a9. Price, of course. But switching systems - or adding systems - is never good 'value'. It only makes sense for outright performance advantages, and in that case you'd have jumped at Sony's other options. It may be good value - but it's not good value for you as a Fuji user.

2. It's still only 24 megapixels. Yes, I know, megapixels are overrated. But one of the advantages of full frame is the dynamic range you can achieve at base iso. However, you will only see a benefit from that massive DR if you print very large. At base iso on a Fuji, you actually have more dynamic range than many Canon full frame cameras used by landscape photographers around the world. The fact is, on print sizes up to 20 by 30, you won't be troubled by shadow noise even on high dynamic range scenes, as long as you don't clip the highlights. However, if you routinely print larger than 20 by 30 (and view very close) you want more than 24 megapixels anyway.

3. With Fuji, we have many equivalent lenses. When full frame guys talk about equivalence, they conveniently forget that equivalence means equal performance, ie. no advantage to the full frame sensor. It's true, there are lenses for Sony that offer more than any Fuji lens can in this scenario - the 70-200 GM, the 24-70 GM, the f1.4 primes. However, they are all without exception enormous and costly. If you actually want better low light performance from Sony, forget about the f4 zooms or the f2 primes. You need to get those big boys.

4. Fuji also has lighter, smaller options. You may here some of the Sony guys say that equivalent lenses are smaller and cheaper. Well that's not a universal rule. Some are, some aren't, but physics means they have to be similar in scale and price. However, Fuji has lots of options that have no equivalent from Sony. You can pay for and carry the fast glass when you need it, and lighter options when you want those.

5. Advantages are only temporary. Do you remember when the D850 came out? The only alternative from Sony was the a7rii, the camera with the glacial buffer and dodgy C-AF. It wasn't even on the same planet. Then Sony released the a7riii, and they were back in the game. Fuji have rarely been at the forefront of the market - but they've never been left behind either. They know Fuji users want better AF and battery life, and will be working on that right now. Also, this isn't like a DSLR system, where you can legitimately fear it will follow the fate of Sony's A mount eventually. Fuji aren't going anywhere, if anything they're working aggressively on their market share.

6. Don't forget what made you choose Fuji in the first place. If you bought it expecting cutting edge specs, that was a mistake, full stop. When I did a poll on here, the number one attraction was the handling scheme, and you still won't get that elsewhere. How a camera feels, how much fun it is to use, this is what matters most in photography.

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