Does nikon long exp. and High ISO NR get "baked into" nef file?

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Re: Does nikon long exp. and High ISO NR get "baked into" nef file?

Tom Ingrassia wrote:

I know that settings in a raw file don't get transferred to a program like Jpegs.

However, If one uses Long exposure noise reduction in camera and sends the nef file to ACR, is the NR...?

1. "baked in" the file so even if ACR does not recognize the instruction, the NR is still there?

2. The NR instruction is accepted by ACR and the "instruction" is followed.

3. The NR from in camera never gets set unless one uses a Nikon program.

I have the same questions about high ISO NR in camera.

I cant seem to get a definitive answer.

Long exposure noise reduction is black frame subtraction, and it changes raw image data.

High ISO noise reduction is an instruction, it is not applied to raw image data.

You can easily check that using RawDigger (trial is fully functional for 30 days).

I never checked if ACR acknowledges the noise reduction tag in NEFs.

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