Are my OEM Pro-100 Carts Defective? Pics included.

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Are my OEM Pro-100 Carts Defective? Pics included.

Hello everyone, avid reader but haven’t posted before. I couldn’t find anything about this online so here I am!

I’ve owned the Pro-100 for a few weeks and I love it so far. I’ve printed many prints and the driver says that most of my inks are already 1/3 empty.

Levels as of right now.

So today I was curious and wanted to just check the carts themselves so I checked and the LIQUID AREA is completely full for every single cart! And the sponge area I can definitely see a clear separation between the lower and upper parts of the sponge! JToolaman has said this is very bad to see the separation in the sponge, it means the sponge isn’t as damp as it’s supposed to be.

I don’t understand this because I’ve done everything correctly and yes, the top vent area is completely open for all carts and I haven’t seen any problems with ink while printing. These are original setup ink tanks that came with the printer.

The PM cart I took out to check.

This worries me.

The yellow.

Please help I’m worried I will burn out my print head because no ink is going from the liquid area to the sponge area. All carts are still completely full in the back liquid portions!

I will do everything you guys ask!

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