Does nikon long exp. and High ISO NR get "baked into" nef file?

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Re: Does nikon long exp. and High ISO NR get "baked into" nef file?

beatboxa wrote:

Tom Ingrassia wrote:

I know that settings in a raw file don't get transferred to a program like Jpegs.

However, If one uses Long exposure noise reduction in camera and sends the nef file to ACR, is the NR...?

1. "baked in" the file so even if ACR does not recognize the instruction, the NR is still there?

2. The NR instruction is accepted by ACR and the "instruction" is followed.

3. The NR from in camera never gets set unless one uses a Nikon program.

I have the same questions about high ISO NR in camera.

I cant seem to get a definitive answer.

I don't have a definitive answer, but I believe Long Exposure Noise Reduction ("LENR") is baked into the raw file (pre-raw). My understanding is that the image is captured, a dark frame is captured, the dark frame is subtracted, and then the results are written to an NEF file. Even within Nikon applications, I don't believe there is an ability to reverse the dark frame.

You should be able to test this out yourself fairly easily with a dark frame capture. Try two 30-second exposure with the cap on--1 with & 1 without LENR. Then, import & brighten. If the LENR image looks significantly cleaner, it's working.

For high ISO NR, I believe this is NOT "baked in" to the raw file, though there could be some level of changes between on / off. I believe each application will use its own noise reduction algorithms, though you may have to toggle them on/off yourself.

You are correct.

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