HP Latex 315 vs Canon Pro 4000

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Re: HP Latex 315 vs Canon Pro 4000

tkiblin wrote:

I can't help you about canvas printing quality, but will suggest you find a local HP deal along with an Epson dealer, and go look at the machine and have them print on the material you are going to use.

You may have to buy some sample material, but I wouldn't spend anything until you see your samples on the canvas you want to use.

If the dealer refuses, find another dealer. You'll also want to buy locally if you can from a vendor that can service your printer(s), at some point your machine will break down and waiting a week or two for HP to ship someone will majorly suck.

Good luck, let us know what you end up buying!

For sure i wouldnt invest these amounts without actual proof on how they will end up (specially me been so obcessed by the smallest details), but you do bring excellent points on the vendor part. I am from Portugal and in here i could easily find a vendor for the Canon at reasonable prices (around 4.000 euros for the 12ink version), but when it comes to the HP Latex i've seen it would be hard to buy it locally as most people practise insane prices (15.000 euros locally when in US its about 10-11.000 dollars which is less than 9.000 euros), so almost for sure if i opt for Latex i will have to go abroad..

Regardless, more and more im leaning towards Canon as my main goal is quality, i just hope that price increase per project versus Latex is not so big as i would have to rethink the whole value i would be selling the artwork, i really want to offer the best quality at reasonable prices haha

I will keep scanning for more feedback on this, thanks mate!

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