A6300 + 18-200mm LE What am i doing wrong? (crosspost from E Mount

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A6300 + 18-200mm LE What am i doing wrong? (crosspost from E Mount

All, i've crosposted this from the e-mount forum because you guys are the ones that showed me all those beautiful pictures which led me to lust after an rx10iv in the first place - so i figure you are in a good position to comment about my mis-steps or unreasonable expectations RE- the A6300 w/ 18-200mm LE lens.

if cross-posting is frowned upon, i apologize and ask that you please delete.

I've been trying to capture big birds with my alpha 6 series cameras (first a6000, now a6300) and feel like i am not quite "getting it" i'm not sure if i have unreasonable expectations or am doing something (or various things) wrong - the majority of these shots were in shutter priority with a minimum 1/500 (too slow?) on a bright bright sunny day with the Sony SEL18-200LE (i know this isn't known as the sharpest lens ever, but i am skeptical that this is all lens..)

i was in multi spot metering (should i be considering single spot metering for better metering of the subject and not worry about the background?) with small flex spot focus AF-A. I didn't have an exposure comp as it seemed OK being a really bright clear sunny day.

thoughts? comments on improvements (other than get a longer lens :D) This was all hand held - i don't think a tripod or monopod would've made any real difference - do you disagree?

I am trying to talk myself into the sigma 150-600 C adapted to the A6300 instead of to jumping over to the RX10IV - i picked this a6300 up for less than a song (it has some issues, i just wanted to see how it would perform compared to the a6000 focus wise - and i am pretty satisfied from that standpoint) mainly because i love this form factor and partially because i just can't make the streach to an RX10iv right now, but i could make a used sigma/adapter's price work.

F/6.3 1/500 sec ISO 250 @ 200mm - attempted to lock on the far goose's eye Seems a little fuzzy when you look at it close up.. unreasonable expectation or should i have selected different settings?

F/6.3 1/500 sec ISO 160 @ 200mm - i think the main problem with this one was shutter speed was too slow - thoughts?

F/6.3 1/500 sec ISO 200 @ 200mm - some of the detail in this one is pretty nice, but the feather detail is not so good - shutter speed higher again?

F/6.3 1/500 sec ISO 160 @ 200mm - the foreground in this is sharp, i think of think this is a combo of slow shutter speed and missed focus?

F/6.3 1/500 sec ISO 160 @ 200mm - this was shot from about 10 feet. I expected a bit more detail - i think i hit focus right around the beak/neck.

F/6.3 1/500 sec ISO 160 @ 200mm - i think i hit this focus right on the beak (i'm fairly satisfied with this one) this was also from like 10 feet away

F/6.3 1/500 sec ISO 160 @ 200mm - i think i hit this focus right on (also satisfied with this one)

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