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AudiiDudii wrote:

Mathieu18 wrote:

Im no connoisseur, but to date my personal favorite is the Contax 45/2.8. Haven’t seen a reasonable price in a while though to get another.

Rol Lei Nut wrote:

If you like the Tessar scheme, connoisseurs often argue whether the best "Tessar" is one of the Schneider Xenars or a Voigtländer Skopar (both were made in many versions, and by Voigtländer, I mean the original Braunschweig based company).

I'm also a big fan of the Contax 45/f2.8. It doesn't get much love these days, but there is obviously a group of photographers who still appreciate it, because their prices have not been dropping due to a lack of demand. (That said, if one is patient, good deals do turn up occasionally, as I bought my current one last summer for $105 delivered, including a gen-u-ine Contax 49/55 adapter ring ... ka-ching!)

That said, my all-time favorite Tessar lens is the 75mm/f3.5 that was used on the Minolta Autocord CDSIII. I have seriously considered removing one from an Autocord body and adapting it for use with smaller format cameras ... one of these days, when one falls into my lap at the right price, I'll probably give it a go.

My favorite Tessar is the Industar 58, 75mm 3.5 ,on the Iskra 1 which may actually have Zeiss glass. Packed in a good shutter/helicoid too which could make it more adaptable. Next the Kodak Anastigmat Special 101mm 4.5 and then the Color Skopar 105mm 3.5 of the Bessa 1.


Heliars are usually seen as the better lenses though, either Voigtländer or some Kodak Ektars.

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