Panasonic LX10 vs Canon EOS M3

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Panasonic LX10 vs Canon EOS M3

Hello everyone,

In my search for some knowledge I found this forum and it seems to be the best place to ask this question. I have been using the Canon M series mirrorless cameras since the original release and now I have the M3 with a nice selection of lenses. Before that I used various Canon and Nikon DSLRs going back 12 years or so and I enjoy amateur photography. But this M3 kit is not fulfilling my current needs as my only camera. It's great for stills and I love it for that but for the video work I have recently started to do, it's just not practical.  I also tend not to bring it out because of the bulk and weight and impracticality.  "The camera you have with you is your best camera", as they say.

I'm very seriously thinking about selling up and buying a Panasonic LX10, which will be my only camera. Some may say "keep both".  I am a person who is happiest when I don't own too much stuff - I keep my possessions to only things I need and things that enhance my life significantly enough to own, so I only like to own one camera and make the most of it.

I don't have the opportunity to try an LX10 in person, so I'm trying to learn online if this will be a good move or a mistake before I go ahead. I do love my M3 but not for video.

I make vlog style videos of my dog and this is a part time job for me. I also make simple but nice quality music videos.

My wish list for my only camera is as follows:

-I need an 'always with me' camera that's small and compact enough that I won't just leave it at home most of the time, as I do with my M3 kit.

-I need to record video in the same quality (or close) as my M3

-I would like to continue be able to take nice stills of my family, dogs and adventures.

-I need more reliable autofocus in video than my M3

-I need 1080p 60fps and 1080p 120fps

-In-camera charging would be brilliant for me.

-I need full manual control that isn't a pain to use. I don't shoot in any other modes.

-Timelapse without extra equipment would be very useful.

-Flip up screen

-Fast lens

I'm tired of changing lenses and carrying around all this gear.  I always worry about getting dirt on the sensor or rear of the lens when swapping lenses.  And I worry about my gear being stolen or lost.  I just want a compact all-in-one solution that will always be in my bag or on my belt.  I'm just worried that I will be disappointed in the low light abilities, depth of field and picture quality when changing to a smaller sensor, smaller lens system.  I have never owned a camera with a smaller sensor than APS-C (apart from those in my phones, but I rarely use phones for photography)

I don't need audio input.

I looked at the Sony RX100V but honestly I hate Sony products.  I had terrible customer support from them in the past and their RX100 camera menu system makes me miserable.  I'm amazed they still haven't sorted that mess out after all these years.

I considered the Canon G7X mk2 but it doesn't have 120fps, otherwise it would be a possibility, with its ND filter and familiar menu.  But slow motion is something I need now.

So I'm left with the LX10 as my favourite in the short list of options.  It seems the most useful and capable for my particular requirements.  And I think I'm going to love it.  But once I make the jump I can't get my old gear back.  And I don't have the cash to buy the LX10 first and sell the M3 later.

Has anyone switched from the M3 or similar to the LX10 and can you tell me if you're glad you did and if there's anything you miss?

Thank you.

Canon EOS M3 Canon PowerShot G7 X Panasonic LX10 Sony RX100
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