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Sony A7 III

Hello guys, just a quick review from an amateur after one week of use.

I'm coming from an A7, which is the first camera I really loved, allowed me to use my father's old Olympus lenses, and helped me learn how to make photos, thanks to the "wysiwyg" of the EVF. So I'm a bit biased towards Sony since this camera, sorry for that.

Anyway, there's two things I really didn't like in my A7, AF performance, and AWB, especially when inside.

So now, I've shot some hundreds of pictures (that doesn't mean much considering the fact I tested a lot continuous AF with Hi mode). And for me, conclusion is that it's more camera than I need right now, but damn, I won't bother changing at least for another 4 years, surely a lot more...

When you come from a camera like the A7, first impression will be "I now live in the future". For those who already have an A7r III or an A9, that won't be a "gamechanging-never-seen-anything-like-this-before" camera for sure. If I could have allowed myself, it's the A9 I would have taken, mostly for one thing, silent shooting.

First time I tried it with the A7 III, at 10FPS, with the focus locked on the cars that were coming, I was like "hoho god this is awesome it never ends, it never loses focus, hahahahaha fabulous" with a grin on my face.

I know it already is behind other cameras that cost a lot more, but damn this works like a charm, I don't know if it's as good as a D500 of comparable price, but it shouldn't be far I think... So problem with rolling shutter, when taken from the side the cars were badly affected by rolling shutter, you can shoot fast moving things with the A9, but with the A7 III you'll have jello effect. And now that I've spent a week shooting in silent, I sure wish I could do it all the time without penalty, which the A9 allows. Anyway, that's a downside only when looking at really expensive cameras, other than that, the damn thing is intoxicating to use, it shoots fast, with precision, in total silence. Now for example I can take pictures of my family without them hearing, and I love for people to be natural, I can't stand posed portraits most of the time.

So considering AF, second thing I discovered was eye-AF combined with continuous AF. This works nicely... If you're in low light, and want to close your lense to f/5.6 or more, AF can still hunt from time to time. But mostly the camera will acquire focus on the closest eye very quickly, and will keep focus on it anywhere the person is on the frame. Once locked, only a fast movement towards me made me lose focus (and it reacquired quickly). In good light it's just incredible, it's crazy fast, and reliable. When taking pictures of people with glasses it will sometimes have the focus on the glasses, not the eye.

On the AWB, which was my second gripe with the A7, a lot better again... It was mainly when inside with artificial lightings, and I know a lot of cameras don't behave perfectly in such conditions, but with the A7 III most of the time AWB gives me really nice colors, and that's some time not spent correcting in post, or setting the WB with a grey card. It is to my eyes very close to what I see IRL, when shot on jpg. For now I've only shot jpgs, waiting for support of raws in LR. And I think I will shoot a jpgs with this camera, as the results seem very pleasing to me. Post Processing is always a chore for me, so relying less on it is a blessing. Sorry for the RAW apologists, I'm with you guys, but pp is really time consuming.

On the video front, again too much of a camera for me, quality is amazing, low light is fantastic, but I don't shoot much video, and need only a good 1080p. But the camera will allow me to use 4K whenever my TV will die and be replaced by a 4K one, so I know It will make awesome videos when I'll need it.

When considering the total package, it's true that I was sad when I knew the camera was at 2300€, I payed the A7 with kit at launch at 1530€, that's quite a difference, but damn, can't complain, the thing is giving me awesome pictures, fast , in total silence, with confidence. Set it in M with auto ISO min shutter speed, and you're good to go, it will work for you.

Oh and I also love the focus with touch when looking through the EVF, it takes a few minutes to be confortable with it, but then it's really fast and precise to set your focus point even on the sides of the frame.

Well that's it, no pictures sadly as flickr tells me my connection is too slow to upload, I'll try to put a few when I can.

One last gripe, I find the body too big and heavy compared to my A7, I know they can't bend the laws of physics, but I would have loved the same camera in a small rangefinder body, even if it meant no IBIS.

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