FUJI Service-A Great Reason to Switch to SONY!!! Fuji NJ was Extremely rude!!

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FUJI Service-A Great Reason to Switch to SONY!!! Fuji NJ was Extremely rude!!

Two weeks ago I sent my X-H1 for repair (HDMI cord fell out of the camera and broke the connector).

After 2 plus weeks I did not receive a single call or email from Fuji.

When I finally called them this morning they said basically "oh yeah, we should have called you but did not." So I asked for the estimate for the repair, a whopping $380-- for a connector. That to me seems outrageous.

I need it repaired so I paid for it. No ETA when they will actually make the repair. If I did not get a call or email in 2 weeks, this does not look good. Their attitude is pay and we will get to it when we get to it.

For insurance purposes I called back and asked for a detailed estimate. The lady on the phone literally started yelling at me. So I went silent and timid all the while fuming. Then after she was done and said she would email me an estimate I stated to her very calmly, "I paid $2200 for an XH1 and I am now paying another $380 to repair it. I am not an enemy of Fuji, I am a paying customer and I think it is inappropriate to yell at your customers unless I am being rude, and even then its better not to."

She was totally silent in a rude way telling me that she does not care. I asked for her name and to speak with her supervisor. She said "Z." That's it. When she transferred me to her supervisor's extension, it conveniently says leave a message etc, but the message you can leave is only a few seconds. Forget giving a reason for your call. I was barely able to give my name and number. I am not really expecting a call back--this all seems designed so that they can say "I did not call back because I did not get your message."

For a company that really considers its customers when designing cameras, upgrading firmware, etc, their post sales support in Edison, NJ is about the worst I have ever experienced. I am seriously considering a switch to Sony. At least for other products Sony customer service has been fantastic. Fujifilm USA and Japan need to fix the poor customer services in the Edison, NJ repair center.

BTW, the person I spoke with came across as petty and rude and I suspect if they get wind of this post, rather than make it right they will delay the repair and become vindictive.

Fujifilm X-H1
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