At the jazz club with the G7X Mk2

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Re: At the jazz club with the G7X Mk2

saaber1 wrote:

Excellent example of “making it work” in an extremely tough lighting situation.

I find the g7xii (and also g9xii) is capable of pulling off shots one wouldn’t expect them to do by applying careful shooting techniques as was done here. Bravo! It’s particularly surprising to see the zoomed photos such as the drummer work so well with the smaller aperture that comes from zooming on this camera.

I’ve only had the g7xIi for a couple weeks but I find it (and g9xii) can really expand their capabilities by using an off camera flash in optical slave mode. Drawbacks of external flash though are the flash is about twice the size of the camera and may not be appropriate in some venues. External flash greatly expands the possibilities of 1” sensor based cameras imo (for some shots).

Thanks, saaber1.

These small cameras are very capable, and you can shoot them exactly as you like in manual mode.
It’s up to the photographers skill to judge what is possible and how to do it.

Fortunately the lighting didn’t change all the time, so I could shoot them all with the same exposure and a constant f/2.8. That helped a lot.

I have the small Metz 28 CS-2, which works particularly well with compact cameras. But one can of course also use any speedlight, which can be triggered optically.
I’ve even shot a one page ad with the G7X and a studio strobe. The art director needed the photo “now” and I had only the G7X within reach. You can pull that off if you know what you’re doing.

But I would never shoot a jazz concert with flash. I want to shoot unnoticed and a flash would be too disturbing.

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