The X-H1 -- My Historical Point of View (Short Piece)

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The X-H1 -- My Historical Point of View (Short Piece)

Hello, Everyone,

There has been a lot of machinations on the forum recently so perhaps thinking about the X-H1 in a different way might help some people come to terms with its size/bulk/etc. Instead of simply being a continuation of light-weight mirrorless offering, Fuji has likely intended it to be positioned very differently. How so? The following is one interpretation but not the only one. Yes, other manufacturers have products in a similar price range with features/size/ergo to like and/or dislike but as someone who switched to Fuji from Nikon long ago before mirrorless, this is my take on the newest offering. YMMV.

For those few of us who have been around Fuji digital photography for a long time I am pleased to say that it seems Fuji has finally given us a worthy successor to the “S” series of dslr’s. How so? When Fuji announced years ago they would no longer pursue the ongoing relationship with Nikon and use Nikon bodies with Fuji’s unique sensor(s) for their “S” series of successful digital cameras, many photographers, especially wedding photographers, were saddened and would have to search other brands when their current S5’s, 3’s, ceased to function. Indeed, yours truly was forced to migrate to something else, a D700, a FF cam that didn’t possess all those rich colors and smooth tonalities of the Fuji Super CCD but would have to suffice. Turned out to be a good choice but it wasn’t a Fuji. Furthermore, I had to buy some different glass for the new acquisition.

A couple of years later the rumors of a new paradigm by Fuji emerged and the X100 was released…...small, compact, mirrorless, capable, unique, but, indeed, not a dslr replacement for the beloved S5. Moving forward in time advances in tech and competition brought a small footprint dslr-looking cam, the X-T1, then the X-T2. Many Pros began to use them as they produced wonderful colors, skin tones, etc.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. In a very roundabout and perhaps an unexpected turn of events……. after years of frustrated waiting…... Fuji presented us with a worthy replacement of the S5…... the X-H1! It is lighter, smaller, infinitely more capable in every way imaginable than the S5 and, only $200 US more than its predecessor’s original price. It embodies all the current tech and affords all of us “vintage” Fuji users something we can put our hands around (especially that grip!) and shoot to our hearts content. Old “S” users…...can’t easily adapt your Nikkor lenses but Fuji has a very nice lineup should you wish to return.

No, it is not a small, light, mirrorless, cam. It is not meant to be. However, it is what all modern dslr’s should be.... and seems to accomplish its role splendidly. Yes, the mirrored dslr is slowly declining and mirrorless is finding its way into all formats (Gfx for example). Mirror slap will be history in the near future. But for the moment, in a dslr format, in its original APS-C format, the X-H1 is fulfilling, in spades, the fond wish of all of us who mourned the end of the “S” era.


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